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Regina Jackson

I would love to work with you and your significant other to sell a home or find a new home, or maybe both. I am an experienced Broker and Team Lead of Action Jackson Team Compass. I am patient, thoughtful, professional and your time line is my time line. You won’t be coerced or rushed. I moved my company to Compass in November, 2022 because they have the BEST platform in the business. I look forward to “Delighting” you.

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Cecelia Mims

Cecelia Mims is mother, grandmother loving wife and a native of Colorado (cannot imagine living anywhere else). She loves supporting the community especially teen and the younger generation with education and self-esteem and growth. She is a learning naturalist who loves trees, gardening, natural hair and a clean cohesive environment.

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Gary Jackson

Gary Jackson, a native Coloradan, is a distinguished professional with a diverse background in law. New to real estate, Gary’s many life long connections, and undertakings in the Denver community make him the ideal Senior Community Liason

Education has been a cornerstone of Gary’s success. He graduated from George Washington High School before pursuing higher education at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Gary furthered his academic pursuits by attending the University of Colorado Law School, where he obtained his law degree in 1970.

Gary’s professional journey is marked by significant accomplishments and contributions. He began his career as the Chief Trial Deputy at the Denver District Attorney’s office and later served as an Assistant at the U.S. Attorney District of Colorado. Gary’s legal expertise led him to co-found DiManna Eklund Ciancio & Jackson in 1976, later transitioning to DiManna & Jackson from 1981 to 2012. His dedication to justice and excellence culminated in his tenure as a Denver County Court Judge from 2013 to 2020.

In 2020, Gary ventured into the real estate industry with the company started by his wife Regina, Action Jackson Realty where he continues to showcase his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the years, Gary has garnered numerous honors and commendations, including the Special Commendation from the U.S. Attorney and prestigious awards from the University of Colorado Law School.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Gary is actively involved in various boards and community initiatives. As a Co-Founder of the Sam Cary Bar Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Gary has made lasting contributions to the legal community. His leadership extends to philanthropic efforts, such as the Sam Cary Scholarship Endowment Foundation and the Delta Eta Boule Foundation.

Family holds a special place in Gary’s life, as he has been happily married to Regina Jackson for 37 years. Together, they have raised two children and are proud grandparents to four grandchildren.

Gary Jackson’s legacy is defined by his unwavering commitment to excellence, justice, and community service. His remarkable achievements and contributions have left an indelible mark on Colorado’s legal and real estate landscape.

Paige Snelgro

Paige’s unique journey into the world of real estate began over a decade ago, while she was practicing law. For most of her law practice, she handled family law and foreclosure cases. As a divorce attorney, she navigated the complexities of marital home settlements, which helped hone her skills in negotiating property matters. Handling foreclosure cases further sharpened her abilities in contract negotiation and short sales, laying a solid foundation for her future in real estate. Transitioning from law to real estate marked a new chapter in Paige’s career. Paige’s legal background is the cornerstone of her approach to real estate. Her clients benefit from an unparalleled level of service, where her sharp negotiating skills and commitment to confidentiality are paramount. This is particularly invaluable to her high-profile clientele, who rely on her for discreet and effective handling of their real estate needs.

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Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer grew up in the Denver area, as she is native to Colorado. One of her favorite ventures is taking long rides, in the Rocky Mountains, during the Fall months with her family.
Jennifer prides herself with being in tune with the pulse of the real estate market. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest, her in-dept knowledge of the neighborhoods, trends, and pricing ensures you will make the best informed decision.
Jennifer takes the time to understand your unique needs and tailors her approach to exceed your expectations. From the first consultation to closing the deal, she will be with you every step of the way.
Jennifer is just an email or phone call away and is here to provide you with dedicated, quality service.

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If you are interested in buying or selling property in the Denvor, CO area please reach out to us any time! We would be honored to help you in any way!